Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad REVIEW & Set-Up for Smartphone, TV Box


Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad REVIEW & Set-Up for Smartphone, TV Box

In this video i am taking a look at the Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad.
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I also show you how to connect it to your phone and TV Box.

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  1. I honestly would not recommend this Xiaomi gamepad. It looks fancy and works well with my PC and android phone. But the thing is, the build quality for L2 & R2 button and its placeholder is the worst build quality I've ever seen. Basically the buttons was held with tiny plastic stick to its placeholder and breaks very easily, it's almost like they intentionally made it to break easily. Forget fixing with glue or epoxy, it will break quickly again. What's worse is that there's NO spareparts available and it seems Xiaomi has stopped the production for this controller, which means NO software update anymore.


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