Universal Joystick Driver for Windows 7, 8, and 10 (2020)


Universal Joystick Driver for Windows 7, 8, and 10 (2020)

Hello Guys!
In this video i have shown that how to download and install a universal joystick driver, which works on almost every joystick and removes “Generic USB Joystick” Error from all Windows operating systems. Also fix the error of “USB Device Not Recognized” for joystick.

0:00 Before Joystick Driver Installation
0:24 Joystick Driver Download Link
0:46 Installing Universal Joystick Driver
1:02 Testing Joystick Driver

 Download Link of Universal Joysticks Driver for Windows 7, 8 and 10:

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Case : Corsair Spec-05 (Black)
Motherboard : ASUS TUF B360 M E Gaming
RAM : 8 GB DDR4 Corsair LPX 2400Mhz + 8 GB DDR4 XPG D60G 3000Mhz
Processor : Core i5 8400 2.8Ghz Turbo 3.8Ghz
Graphic Card : GTX 1060 6 GB INNO3D Dual
Display : Dell 24 Inch
CPU Cooler : Intel Stock Cooler
SSD : Intel 520 Series 180GB
Hard Drives : Seagate 1 TB ST31000528AS + Seagate 3 TB ST3000DM008
Mouse : Bloody T60 (1200 DPI)

Keyboard : Dell
Controller/Joysticks : Pokemon go joystick and joystick xbox one and local dual shock joystick

Headphones : Redragon SIREN 2 Gaming Headset H301 USB
Dedicated Mic : None

Web Cam : None

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  1. Ciao, una domanda, io ho Metal Gear solid ground zero, e phantom pain, ed entrambi i giochi hanno i pulsanti invertiti, cioè, il tasto triangolo serve di solito per interagire (saltare ostacoli, aprire cancelli etc), il tasto x per accovacciarsi o chinarsi del tutto per strisciare.

    Nel mio joistyck invece i tasti sono tutti diversi e non riesco a capire come poterli risistemare, anche andando in stile comandi, non cambia. qualche idea?

  2. Hello. I have a guillemot Jet leader force feedback joystick but can not use it under win 10 as the only driver just supports win 98 or xp. I installed this driver but does not recognize it as generic usb joystick. How can I do it?

  3. I've already installed this drive before and looks like there is some leftover of him, since I install now and it doesnt change anything. I've already tried with revo uninstaller, so I cant think of anything more. If someone have any ideia, pls share.


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