Top Five: RPG's available on Steam


Top Five: RPG's available on Steam

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Description: Welcome to this episode of RPGGamer Top 5s, and this time we’re going to do the top 5 RPG’s available on Steam.
Steam is the biggest video game digital distribution service platform and was developed by Valve Corporation and launched in 2003, the range of games old and new available on the platform is staggering. The steam sales are especially worthy of mentioning, as they are the perfect way to pick up older games at extremely discounted prices, and I have picked up games I normally wouldn’t have considered paying full price for, at just a few pounds, and had hours and hours of great gaming.
Once again we’ve gone to an online poll for results, which has surprised us with some choices we would never have considered.

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  1. This list has many of my least favorite at the top. Basically in descending order.

    I found Skyrim to be fun but ultimately soulless. None of my decisions seemed to matter outside the immediate situation, if they even mattered then. The nail in the coffin, and one that I admittedly sought after to confirm my suspicions, was when I completed the main story and all of the DLC content before joining the Companions and they still had the dialogue about never having heard of me. Meanwhile in Morrowind some factions won't have anything to do with you if you're too high in an opposing faction or they may address you as The Nerevarine
    or the Archmage etc if attaining those titles and others.

    For me, The Witcher's combat was monotonous and the controls were a pain. A shame because the world building was top notch. Not much else for me to say about it.

  2. Wait, what Skyrim sword are you talking about? You must have been playing on a really low difficulty to kill dragons on a few hits as the game scales to your level, which usually includes any magic weapons you find


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