Time for the Playstation 4 Mini Classic from CHINA !!


Time for the Playstation 4 Mini Classic from CHINA !!

Data Frog / Console / Retro / Gaming / Nintendo / Sega / Ultimate / PS4 / Mario / X-Game / Clone / Fake / Data Frog & Cool Baby Y3

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  1. Don't forget to check The Wicked Gaming Channel ! – youtube.com/thewickedgamernl

    Emulation Station Ultimate Video Collection – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQApxhzf4yR7was-rmRkBdsaJv2wDLB6v

  2. Does anyone know how to pair the joysticks ? I got the batteries for both, when I open them there are 2 led lights that are blinking for about 15 seconds but no pair with the console. The usb adapter is on the port 1(JOY 1)

  3. Menuda decepción de porquería china, fallan muchos juegos a la hora de
    guardar partidas, pillar otra cosa. Ni siquiera se puede mejorar o
    eliminar la lista interna de juegos, que es un churro cutre de imágenes y
    roms. NO A MADE IN CHINA!! Me arrepiento profundamente haber gastado
    dinero en todas estas porquerías, que error, esta gente son unos
    estafadores vagos, ni revisan el software de estos trastos, luego vienen
    los fallos cutres… Después de más de 15 años mi Xbox antigua sigue
    dando ejemplo de la buena emulación, no tendrá HDMI, pero los juegos
    funcionan perfectamente.

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  5. Adding games is simple, create a folder on your SDCARD named GAME, then create subfolders under it named GBA then MAME then NES then SEGA then SNES and put the roms in the corresponding folder, all roms except Mame need to be unzipped.

  6. You can put the entire Sega Genesis / NES / SNES/ Gameboy Color collection on this on an SDCard and it works fine, just make sure no filenames have , ' ! [ or ] in them or it will either lock up trying to access the folders or not display the roms below the bad filename. Easiest way is to have no special characters in names, I used a mass rename utility to remove all bad characters off the collection. A lot of mame roms work, some are too slow and others don't load but a good number of them work perfectly, all the ones I wanted anyway. I have a few hundred mame roms on mine working fine.

  7. I really enjoy playing games that I put on the console these days. Even the same games, some roms work but some don't. You can save and load mame games too. But I just can't play any games in 2play mode with this console. I wonder if only mine doesn't work in 2play mode.

  8. Did you know, you can boot a LAKKA image from the SD and play all his emus? If you use a orangepi lite lakka .img it will boot, and you can use it. It works with this RS-93 model, i cannot test the RS-34. Good luck!


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