The Hunger Games – Tributes Interview

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The Hunger Games – Tributes Interview

Scene from the movie The Hunger Games.
Tributes giving final interview before Games.

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43 thoughts on “The Hunger Games – Tributes Interview

  1. Richterdgf

    I really like Ceasar. On the surface, he seems so superficial and vacant, but if you look a little deeper, he knows that these interviews are of critical importance in helping a Tribute attract sponsors.

    Ceasar can make a charisma black hole like Katniss likeable, and the ease with which he banters with Peeta shows how good Ceasar is.

  2. Scari Swimmers

    me: * watches cesser kiss katnisses hand* BACK AWAY FRM PEETAS GIRL OR DIE AT THE RATH OF THE ARMY!!!!

  3. Chocolate Croissants

    Peeta: Because she came here with me.
    Ceasar: laughs Well, THAT was bad luck!!

    Thank you, Ceasar.

  4. Mister WiZeguy

    I just came here after seeing Jack Quaid’s (Marvel in Hunger Games) interview about “The Boys”. He said he only had one line in this movie, where he said “Whoa!!!”. Now, I will always laugh at that moment!🤣

  5. Ella Chadwick

    The funniest thing to me is how Peeta can make himself turn into a tree by writing Happy Birthday! on cakes!

  6. Ehi

    Imma just watch the movie first before I start complaining about how it’s not faithful to the books

  7. Maddie Tannie

    Honesty if the events of the series did not happen, Peeta and Caesar should be talk show hosts together

  8. Alexandria Robins

    Caesar is such a good character.
    I feel he is so energetic, and tries to lighten the fact that they are about to enter an arena, and ask for a death wish.

  9. Bella Kok

    It seemed like a part of an act, but Peeta never lied about his love for Katniss. Not once in the series did he hide from his feelings. Katniss did, and that is why Peeta was her perfect other half.

  10. Louka

    0:28 i was wondering why clove looks pissed and then I heard Glimmer talking about her dress (« yes ceasar I am very prepared./ I like it. Thats assurance. Thats self assurance. Dont you think?/. And as you can see… i m wearing one of our own creations »). I think clove prefers when people talk about killing people and weapons 😂

  11. Faizaan M.

    Peeta got a history now for dropping one-line bombs in both his pre-game interviews LOL (1st Movie: "She came here with me…." // 2nd Movie: "Because of the baby….")

  12. ForeverSunny

    I remember when I first watched the movie (I didn’t know it was based on a book back then, so I was clueless about the plot) and Peeta said: “Because she came here with me” I actually screeched and threw a pillow at the screen in shock. 😂

  13. I D G F

    wish they included the part where all tributes are standing beside each other like in Catching Fire and when Peeta confessed his feelings, the shock on Katniss' face was shown in the monitor.

  14. Dedbite

    This film is so good at manipulating the audiences response. These interviews are so light hearted it almost makes me smile but they're about to step in an arena and kill each other when they're not even adults.


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