The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone's Trial

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The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone's Trial

The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone’s Trial, recorded in full HD.
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On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed, and you must take the reigns and lead your battered organisation. When Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, the Corleone Family calls upon you to reestablish its operation in New York and expand into a new territory – Miami.

● Platform: Windows/PC (Also available for Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360)
● Recorded using FRAPS 3.5.9
● Rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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16 thoughts on “The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone's Trial


    Somewhere out there, there's a godfather game with Michael being deepfaked with the real Al Pacino's face

  2. Ritchie Chathanat

    This video game is an embarrassment to the greatest sequel ever made in cinema history. I don't understand how could someone even feel or dare to make The Godfather Part 2 look this fuckin bad!?

  3. Clark Kent

    Jesus Christ, your character looks more like Al Pacino than the character who is supposed to be Michael

  4. Jason

    What cocksuckers, we all know there weren't any black guys in the crowd. They should've used the audio from the movies. This game was trash

  5. jeffs1000

    he doesn't look a thing like Al Pacino, but the other characters look like their actors…what gives??


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