The Fate of Meereen – Game of Thrones


The Fate of Meereen – Game of Thrones

The Last in my Fate of Slavers Bay City Series. I Know you think I missed a bunch of scenes. I didn’t miss them. They were either cut because of the 10 minute rule or because I decided it didn’t fit this video.

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  1. 6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge · Edit

    That was so interesting, wow, haven't finished yet but I must say that I've grown quite fond of Daenerys from the short clips from youtube that is not uploaded by you, Daemon (Thank you for uploading), and I can't believe that it's much more complicated. How every side is somehow right. And because I'm biased af I've always wanted to side with Daenerys but I couldn't find fault from the other person. Wow. I'm going to finish this video. <3

  2. One thing this show got very wrong that the books done correctly. Ser Jorah may have spied on Dany, but Ser Barristan actually served the king that usurped her crown for years. How come the hammer comes down on Jorah but not Barry. The books have them both punished and given a chance to apologize. While Barristan was whole heartedly sorry and begging for forgiveness, Jorah was stand off ish and insincere and acting like he barely performed any treason and that hes the one who single handedly did everything to get her where she is at now. None of that or those emotions were shown on the show and a mistake imo

  3. That people didn’t see the madness is still baffling to me. She cared about the slaves but she also had a blood lust and failed to listen to council. It got perpetually worse as the seasons went on but people chose not to see it.


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