TALKING TO GHOSTS – Ghost Radar Classic


TALKING TO GHOSTS – Ghost Radar Classic

this video is not sponsored by ghost radar classic! Let me know if you think this is fake af or real lmao

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  1. Intresting that your ghost radar voice is a guys voice. But when i use mine its a female voice. Ive noticed that in other vids. N ive had some imtresting things happen and said when i used it.

  2. Danger… Health.. Receive.. Fact (s)… by… brain.. (have you been sick or been trying health advice by others who are not doctors? (Excite.. are.. block… community.. ) card.. cover…desert.. (deserted by someone? blocking people out of your life?) carry.. ago.. Mount.. Sally..

  3. this app really works ……………two days back i opened this app in my cousins house on that day it said some random words like "car" "quickly" "route" "warn"……i thought like this app is shit but then after the next day i turned on this app its said "tiny" in front of my legs i saw a fly ………….i again thought it is bull shit when i got this answer it is showing me yellow signal ……………………when ever i am opening the app it is showing yellow dot in front of me ………………..i said "is this you talking to me , i am scared and i am getting Goose bumps" it replied me "essential" this shit scared me a lot and i said are you there it said "Tales" "scientific" "Reality" "study" …………………at last i realized that i am talking to a fly because when i am seeing fly in front of me this app shows a yellow and green signals………. i dont know i am talking to a fly or not but whenever i am seeing a fly in front of me the app is showing the signals………….

  4. Subscribed! You are so pretty!

    I actually used this once for like 15 mins and there was only two words that absolutely shook me (out of like 20 which I could not make any connection).
    The first was fish and legit 5 minutes before I got the app I had fish and eggs for lunch (weird combo I know) and the second word I got was pen RIGHT AFTER I was grabbing a pen to take note HAHA which worried me until I got bombarded with names and countries.

  5. I used it when I was outside at a park. A couple of words I remember was "foot" and "slave". I did have my foot propped up on a bench when it said "foot" and about the word "slave" which I think it had to do with the Underground Railroad near by because I'm in upstate New York.


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