Simcity 5 trainer [PC]


Simcity 5 trainer [PC]

Hello youtubers i present today new Simcity 5 trainer worked in all pc platforms with 12 best options .

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SimCity is another part of the famous series , simulation life and development of the city , created by Maxis for more than two decades. Players take on the mayor of the newly formed city. Their primary task is to address economic development , economic, trade and spatial development so as to spice up the city and in the future to create with him a great metropolis. In the fifth installment of the cycle came gamers wait 10 years , but the game designers were trying to make up for this long period a large number of innovations that can be found in SimCity . These are the new graphics engine , larger relationships between the various elements of the city and interesting solutions to online play .
The new engine – named Glassbox – allows free movement of the camera and a very large approximation of the view ( even to the level of an ordinary passerby ) and seeing what is happening around the corner of a skyscraper or a website of one of the shops . Glassbox offers an innovative solution both in terms of gameplay ( the opportunity to build winding roads ) and its presentation (the system of dynamic lights) .
Has also developed a mechanic that simulates the operation of real cities. All decisions about urban development directly translate into even the relationship between population density and the values ​​of the property , or air pollution or the degree of education of the youth . The game presents this information using graphs that clearly explain the current situation of the metropolis , which allows us to respond quickly to emerging issues.
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Enjoy your game 🙂

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