SimCity 3000 Tips, Hints and Tricks (No Cheats!)


SimCity 3000 Tips, Hints and Tricks (No Cheats!)

This video is on how to add elements of realism to your SimCity 3000 Unlimited cities, without using any cheats or landmarks.

These simple ideas can transform any city into something extraordinary. They work best with high demand for the particular zone you are trying to develop. They take up little space, particularly on a large map.

Not only are these tricks eye-catching, but they function as well. Building airports or seaports with cheats may not work for your city, but these methods do. Landmarks just waste space. The housing blocks, estates and row houses are built from real residential zones and count as population. The auto plants, farms, coal mines and refineries are build from real, zoned industry. The beach drives up land value like crazy!

SC3K is one of my favorite games, and if you have any questions about the game, feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to respond. Thanks for watching!

The song is “Far The Days Come” by Letter Box and is licensed for use through YouTube’s Creative Commons.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the tips. Just made print screens of all of them to play while COVID-19 is outside. I think SimCity 3000 is the best of all SimCity editions… On 2020 I still prefer it over all the others.

  2. Brevity is the Soul of Wit · Edit

    Thank you for sharing this. I played this so much as a kid and teenager, and haven't played it since my early 20's. I have just started playing again and this is stuff that I never would of thought of doing. Can;t wait to try some these techniques out.

  3. 1. How to make good deal with neighbours?
    I am thinking about selling electricity to a less populated neighbour
    and taking away the garbage from a more populous neighbour.
    Question is how to make good deals which will you give not little money?
    I want to taxes mantain roads, schools, hospitals etc
    and money from neighbours to expand city.

    2. I read that in 1900 there is this proportion:
    1 commercial + 5 industrial = 6 residental
    Will 80 tiles of farms, 16 of commercial and 96 residental work fine, without dirty industry?
    And trains are better for farms or roads would be enough?
    I will try to start from building farms and suburbs like from your video.
    I think it is a good start.

    I read also that T intersections are much better from X,
    which generate more traffic jams.

    3. Starting from 1900, in which year start building schools?

  4. 1:39 Farms
    2:00 Asian Farms
    0:07 Suburbs
    5:09 Housing Blocks
    4:41 Row Houses (Medium Residental)
    0:56 Residential Plazas (Medium Residental)
    0:35 Beaches
    5:45 Estates
    6:27 HIgh wealth area

    2:07 Airports
    2:42 Seaports
    3:10 Railway depots
    4:13 Automotive industry
    4:34 Prison Island
    3:45 Oil Refinery
    3:59 Mines

  5. Remember back in the day of PC gaming that it was free from game launchers now ea is doing it same as Ubisoft too. It's the beginning of the end of PC games. It wasn't like this years ago 😭. It was way before steam was created and before game launchers was created they give us a product code for each DVD/cd-rom game.

  6. Cool stuff. I just spent a few hours playing and noticed the “make historical” button but thought nothing of it. It just fixes the building in place then?

    Does making structures like this have any in game benefit or are they essentially aesthetic?

    Is it possible to keep population growth apace with your neighbour cities?

  7. Wow been playing SimCity 1 – 3 since their releases and never knew tricks like these existed, always got to a point then it was contant building and destroying of all the zones. Nothing was ever permanent, it was always changing.


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