Liar Game MV – "I am your shadow…"


Liar Game MV – "I am your shadow…"

I love this ost, my favorite from liar game soundtracks. I really wanted to vid this song but didn’t have any drama in mind so I decided to vid its own show. I know the song doesn’t really go with the storyline; I tried my best to match scenes with the lyrics. Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

:::Doesn’t Lee Sang-yoon & Kim So-eun look good together?

Drama: Liar Game (Korean Version)
Song: Mask (Liar Game OST)

Tag: the liar game, liar game, korean, drama, kdrama, asian, 2013, 2014, mask, lee sang yoon, Lee Sang-yoon (TV Actor), Kim So-eun (Film Actor), kim su eun, Cha Woo-Jin, Nam Da-Jung, Kang Do-Young, Shin Sung-Rok

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  1. I am only on the second episode of this drama. Awe man, these two end up together? I was hoping it'd be the host of 'Liar Game' and Da Jung together!!! They'd be cute together~ ^^ Any kiss scenes in this drama or…?

  2. I am soooo for the bad guy. He is sooo handsome. And i feel sad for him. Great video btw. I watched the japanese version 2 years ago… but i have to say that i like this one more… now i am waiting for season 2


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