Fastest Map Ever 1v1 on New Super – StarCraft – Brood War REMASTERED


Fastest Map Ever 1v1 on New Super – StarCraft – Brood War REMASTERED

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  1. That was fun. Thank you for making the lock-down a bit better man. Regards from London / I am from Bulgaria though.
    So true about the missed classes at school when we were playing that game back in 99- 20. More team games

  2. Xtrebrain is a protoss God, and terran master. You guys dont even know. Brain is korean and he currently is like 98-5 on 1v1 vgt tournament. All of those losses is zerg play and bad map position. No losses with protoss or terran. Due to the fact he can 1vs3 high level koreans and win. Us west and east has no player at this level. He has played with jaedong, flash, bisu etc. This game is a joke, I feel bad for any American or non Korean that thinks they had a chance lol. More reps from brain!!

  3. the storm around 12:00 proves that protoss's ability to do this is far more overpowered than anything else in the game. Even if you have absurd missile turrets and respond immediately with the most OP anti-air units in the game, they can STILL get off the storm drop with a mere 5 shuttles and 2 corsairs

  4. As I recall, Protoss tend to spam carriers in the late game of fastest, which is what the valkaries are fantastic for dealing with. Now he should have been able to tell with scanner sweeps that he didn't have much air.


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