Dragon Oracle Udyr vs Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin Comparison (League of Legends)

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Dragon Oracle Udyr vs Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin Comparison (League of Legends)

This video shows you a high quality comparison between Dragon Oracle Udyr and Spirit Guard Udyr, an epic vs ultimate skin comparison to help you to decide which is better.
A detailed presentation for each of the two skins is included after the comparison.

The prices, names and timestamps:
00:00 Skins Comparison
05:39 Dragon Oracle Udyr Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
07:18 Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Spotlight – 3250 RP

I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games.
You can read about the program here:

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22 thoughts on “Dragon Oracle Udyr vs Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skin Comparison (League of Legends)

  1. Baba bui_ ;-;

    Dragon oracle has faster attack animations it hits faster than spirit guard check in slowmo at 4:05

  2. Rotcrawler

    End of the day, spirt guard wins because animations. 2020, we still out here waiting for a graphical/gameplay overhaul for udyr.

  3. D'oen'T Pra Caralho

    Dude, even the animations of this ultimate skin is starting to look a little bit weird, postless auto attack on spirit guardian is a fucking joke, and the minecraft feet is strange too.

  4. Luke Wayne Caberoy

    cool fact about spirit guard skin u cannot turn into the default stance after u use any skill bear stun still comes out blue like the default one that has the color red… in his fist

  5. Luke Wayne Caberoy

    in recall i love the dragon oracle udyr than spirit guard… but still spirit guard is still cooler

  6. Ronell Joshua Magcalas

    Dragon oracle win for the visual. Spirit guard win for the animation. I wish riot update the animation udyr it’s too old.

  7. John Sohn

    Rito on Ezreal : Pulsefire should be updated to match modern skin qualities

    Riot on Udyr : LOL cheaper skin has return animation


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