COMBAT CHANGES! (1.14 Test build)


COMBAT CHANGES! (1.14 Test build)

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  1. I think if they're going to do this they have to give the Mobs some kind of counter, even if it's like Hard difficulty only or something. Thinks like spiders placing temp. webs, zombies spawning with more weapons, or skeletons that spawn with melee weapons.

  2. Crouching to block with shield looks so fun on PC but it absolutely SUCKS on mobile. (I do own java MC I just don't have a good pc for it)

    To crouch you have to double tap sneak, which takes over a second. This makes fighting skeletons actual hell since they shoot like every like 2 seconds. They also back away from you and their own arrows actually knock them even further back.

    So I have to double tap to 'un-crouch', then double tap to run to them, and then double tap a third time to bring back my shield and OH MY GOD IT SUCKS because they've already shot me and that actually knocks me back further. So I have to sneak all the way over to them and wait for them to kill themself with their own arrows, Wasting my shield.

    So i basically have to choose, lose all my armor's durability, or lose all my shield's durability. There is no third option. Ugh I hate it so much.

  3. Imo its way to op, i think the hold attack should be slowed, the timer to build up 200% should be increased, and shields need reworked to fit this
    heres an idea, they could keep diamond swords relatively the same but slow down the attack speed the lower grade the weapon

  4. I think a fix for the wither would be implementing a shield cooldown upon getting hit by an explosive. Damage or hp value sperhaps need a bit of tweaking but besides this im really looking forward to this update!

    Oh and crouch shield hitting needs to be slightly nerfed i feel like.


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