World of Tanks – Sweden FINALLY invades the WORLD!

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World of Tanks – Sweden FINALLY invades the WORLD!

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38 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Sweden FINALLY invades the WORLD!


    calm down hey calm down 😁 it's okay it's just a coincidence maybe the future can be even better 😁🙂 cheer up okay 😁🙂

  2. Justin PAINTER

    Other viewers-Wow that’s so cool

    Wot veterans-Mate WoT r u doing?(also showing visible pain)

  3. Derpy Blitz

    Brb that is not how you play wot and if you were playing wot blitz you will be called nub but ok… also I like wallet warrior with no skill

  4. Zoom X

    This is painful to watch I play this game a lot I have like every Russian tier X cause I grind so much pewds is such a noob

  5. Ludrick Aramil

    Well, I was a wotb player just started 7 months ago but watching him play wot is like watching a low tier player play high tier for the first time and completely lost all the time he didn't even aim for the weak spots he just keeps buying premium tanks and thinks that he can win with it

  6. CrompoTHEGamer ?

    please play wots more i like this game i play wotB and i wanna see WOT the pc version and pewdiepie playing it XD plaese do more i love the videos!!!!

  7. watcher

    u destroyed wot, u are the best noob i ever seen, i remember my self when i played arty as a med tank.. lol


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