What's inside a PS Vita game card?


What's inside a PS Vita game card?

In this video we’re going to take a quick look inside a PS Vita Gamecard. Vita Gamecards are very “barebones” from a technical persepective and only feature a single Flash-Chip, which holds the game-data and in some cases the save- and patch-data as well. There are no other chips on the PCB and often, the PCB’s are as big as the chip itself to minimize costs.

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  1. Hey VitaLegion, I have a problem. My game card wont work anymore. I tried putting it in and it made the vita shut off. Other game cards work fine. is there a solution? I have rebuild my database and I have factory reset the vita.

  2. I didn't play my killzone mercenary game in a long time so i wanted to play it but when i put the game card in it didn't load the game data. when i tried to play it would say please insert game. do you hve any clue how to fix this. because all of my other games are loading fine.

  3. So how hard was it to open the game card up?
    I've always had this feeling that taking the game's out of their cases will eventually open them up like this, since I've had it happen with several psp games.


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