TOP 12 Awesome Upcoming Action 2D Games 2020 & 2021 ( Metroidvania ) | PS4, Xbox One, PC


TOP 12 Awesome Upcoming Action 2D Games 2020 & 2021 ( Metroidvania ) | PS4, Xbox One, PC

12 Amazing Upcoming 2D Games of 2020 & 2021 PS4, Xbox One, PC | Best Upcoming Nintendo Action 2D Games of 2020 & 2021, I Upcoming Castlevania Games Style | Hope Enjoy it Please Like & Subscribe == == Support Me

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1: Skytorn
2: SteamDolls – Order Of Chaos
3: Tower Hunter:Erza’s Trial
4: 3000th Duel
5: Ghost Song
6: Hollow Knight: Silksong
7: Ved
8: Vigil: The Longest Night
9: Lore Finder
10: Freedom Planet 2
11: La-Mulana 1 & 2
12: Heart Forth, Alicia

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  1. Wow, some of these look pretty amazing….I am currently working on getting a new game out called Bazooka Wowbagger. It started out as a total conversion of the Commander Keen PC games…now a retro title in the making (we want to make Bazooka a new engine). There's the OST that's out now too, combining real instruments/music with 8 bit tunes/sounds.:

  2. Why are so many developers so bad an making run animations and attack animations.

    1. Make the torso as horizontal as possible, creates movement
    2. Place the head as close to the 'target' as possible, Evasion is away, attacking is forward.
    3. Place feet farther than shoulders for a center of gravity pose. Head down for a 'prepared' battle pose.
    4. If running, find references. Not jogging. Back leg stays back longer than front leg is front(that's just realism).
    5. If swinging something, you can twist the torso. If it's heavy, it leads the posture of the torse.

    6. Fuck everything I said, find some sprite sheets of Zero from the Megaman series or NGO and just trace them to understand dynamic poses with balance.
    7. The best dynamic poses have a gesture shape of a triangle.

    All these finished looking games and only Shantae, Mirium, Beck and the Repentant One have a unique non copied dynamic run.

    I'm bitching because regardless of the gameplay, the run is what I will see the most, and it is a turnoff of interest for me for the entire game. The characters must look cool for me to find just walking and jumping good. Took years to figure out my personal nitpicks, but just realize how so much of your games could look better if the common poses were better.


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