The Last Of Us Coming To PC – It's Looking Very Likely!

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The Last Of Us Coming To PC – It's Looking Very Likely!

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44 thoughts on “The Last Of Us Coming To PC – It's Looking Very Likely!

  1. Jaroslav Tkac

    This video is one big bullshit he dont even know what he is talking about 😀 wtf is this channel

  2. Jiří Kunc

    i already borowed ps4 froma friend just to play both Tlou´s. But i would be happy to play them again on pc if this is true. I think it will be much easier tho, because aiming will be much easier on pc.

  3. Lisa Voin

    I really hope that The Last Of Us I and II are going to come out on PC because I love this Game so much. And i dont have any other way to play it i just have my Pc. Thank You for this Video <3

  4. FK A

    Lol reading the sissy cry from Sony fanboys 😂😂 here's a thought: you don't own sony so shut up and sit down. Whether Sony ends console exclusivity or not, it doesn't really matter. If they do bring their games on PC, then yes OK good. If not, we PC gamers don't really care cuz there's still so many PC games to finish to really think about some PS games. Get a life, there are more pressing things in this world.

  5. FK A

    Well it's all about these PS and XBOX consoles maintaining their monopoly which is disgusting really. As customers we should be given freedom to choose the platform to play. Geez it's 2020 already, it's not like it's 2005.

  6. Akros The_Speed_Demon

    FUCK YES! When this comes to PC I can look forward to all the fun I'll have absolutely breaking the game on steam via Wemod.
    Wemod: "WeMOD, so you don't have to!"

  7. SzinThom

    Unfortunately there is a BIG shattering point against that theory: PS Now!! They make way more money with that already and there is a bigger lineup of games from PS2, PS3 and PS4 for PC!

  8. Kucska Bolka

    The whole point of Playstation is exclusives. I don't mind if they release some of them on PC, but if they would release all of them there, no one would buy a Ps4 or Ps5. I have a Ps4 and a PC, so I get to play a lot of games, so don't think I'm a ps fanboy. I love my PC as well as my Ps4.
    PS: I'm happy that people with PCs can enjoy TLOU2 too.

  9. Samet Kotiloğlu

    I don’t really understand why PS fans especially the ones that played the game don’t want TLOU to come PC. What is it with you?

  10. TheManGames

    i'm not a huge pc fan even though i do play mainly pc but i love seeing pc bringing all gamers together on one plat form and not only is death stranding coming to pc/steam but heavy rain beyond two souls and Detroit become human so if they can release the last of us part 1 and part 2 and there other games then who knows how many ps games will come to pc

  11. Stone cold Fan

    Who gives a fuck if it’s coming to PC how tf PC players are gonna play the last of us 2 when they don’t even know the story ?😂

  12. Bacon Pancakes

    Lol I was debating against myself if I should buy the remastered on ps4 or get the original for free on PS now.
    Like I wished this game had a cracked on pc

  13. Poker Channel

    Dude. You are way the f behind the times. Last of US part 2 is pure garbage. Stop spreading this sad game. Sony is trying to pull the wool over ppl eyes. Geehs. YOu fhucking shill.

  14. Have you seen me?

    I hope they do. I loved the first Last of Us, and even with the current leaks, I still want to play the game, but I don't have a PS4, and don't plan on buying one just to play this game.

  15. FixGaming

    It would be smart on Sony’s part. Microsoft earning a lot of money releasing Xbox games on Pc. Mind you only hardcore pc gamers can run these games on Pc as they require serious power so not everyone playing on their moms laptops or dads desktops can play these exclusives.

  16. Цветомир Цветанов

    Wow logic gives us the shitty part 2 but not the first game whats the fucking point playing the new one when we dont have the first one also i saw the leaks for part 2 and its fucking trash people out there cancelling their pre orders

  17. SanguinaryBlade2334

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees what a time to get out of console peasantry yes im so glad i moved to pc yes totally agree part 1 was awesome everyone should play it played it on ps3 played it on ps4 and the story is so awesome that i would play it again for the 3rd time

  18. Barb

    I wondering if it comes to pc how is stealth gonna work? You need to push lightly on the left stick so clickers can't hear you, you can't push lightly on the w key.

  19. Luis Abreu-Torres

    to be honest i have xbox one x and ps4 pro sitting on for last 2 yrs not even use them anymore – ever since i got gaming laptop those consoles are impossible i try to go back but the games laggy and feel so slow is impossible i spend 10min and went back to the laptop. specially when loading games in both consoles take 1-5min and in PC 6-35 seconds from turn in on game and start plaing, so i dont even know why ppl play consoles, gaming laptops start at 500-700 and still beat the shit out of both consoles easily

  20. M B

    New games are made with high end PC's and then tweaked and changed to run on console hardware, so the line between PC and console starting to fade


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