THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018)

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THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018)

THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo from E3 2018 for PS4

• Platform: PS4
• Release Date: 2020


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49 thoughts on “THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018)

  1. Mario Looney

    The ambient sounds in the demo are so dark and eerie..who composed these sounds ..does anyone know 😎

  2. Kinako

    And we all disliked the game and threw it in the trash can where all the trash belongs, the end.
    Oh wait, I didn't even buy the game xD

  3. Hmody Alopedy

    I bring the plat in game and i dont see dawngread just one when eillie fight and fall on car. And it best game i play on my life.❤❤

  4. Del Winterbottom Books - Author Of Epic Fiction

    At 11:13 when Ellie dodges and hits the car, can that actually happen in the actual game (released version)? I've tried it but when Ellie dodges near a vehicle, she doesn't seem to interact with surrounding environment?

  5. Geovannie Rivera

    2 years later and the game doesn't look as good as this in terms of graphics and gameplay elements, exactly as i predicted.

  6. Rogelio Martinez

    They showed us a completely different and better game two years ago and gave us dog shit instead😭

  7. Thomas Harrison

    Does anyone know what level this is from? Played through the whole game and I swear I never came across this map.

  8. Venice Lockjaw

    I knew this demo was HORSEHIT.
    Here's a direct comparison between E3 vs Retail.

  9. Folgore 7

    I said it was false in 2018 and many told me how could I not believe in naughty dog, and well I was right

  10. Ellie

    Came here and just wanna say no matter what happens at part 2. The game will always be great because of joel

  11. Lancsdragon

    and here was my dumbass, playing through the ENTIRE GAME without realising that you could have those indicators telling you where the people looking at you were

  12. Asad Qadri

    These are some of the game details that I noticed:

    1. Hiding under the car

    2. Squeezing through small space

    3. The hit Ellie took from the bow kept reducing her health slowly

    4. Face expressions in the gameplay

    5. Dodging melee attacks

    6. When she dodged for the 2nd time she took support of the car

    7. Hiding under tall grass

    8. When the enemy ally was shot with an arrow, Ellie looked at both of them twice

    It shows how much effort was put in this game.

  13. TyRaNno

    When the developer of Rise of the Tomb Raider pointed out how this video is scripted (fake) and it will not be achievable in actual gameplay, playstation fanboys attacked him and he had to apologize. A year later, it's been proven that he was right, and Naughty Dog was lying.


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