The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 – Epilogue // Ending Scene


The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 – Epilogue // Ending Scene

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  1. The same ending as the book, so tender, it feels good after so much misery and suffering. katniss and peeta, my favorite couple, so strong, so brave, real love ! … real❣

  2. i just watched this scene and had a weird feeling indside me. and if you watch katniss in the last seconds of the scene and think that this is the woman who went trough all this pain and awful things, who had to have kill people and who lost their sister and so many friends and have every night nightmares…. yeah thats just sad and peaceful at the same time

  3. For the first two times I watched this series, I didn’t cry at this part. Now it being the third time, the tears just rolled down my face.😭😭 but the ending was beautiful and even though it was meant to be happy, i felt sad.

  4. Did you
    have a nightmare?

    I have nightmares, too.


    I'll explain it to you.

    Why they came,

    why they won't ever go away.

    But I'll tell you

    how I survive it.

    I make a list in my head

    of all the good things

    I've seen someone do.

    Every little thing

    i can remember.

    It's like a game.

    I do it over and over.

    Gets a little tedious

    after all these years,

    but there are

    much worse games to play


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