The Godfather The Don's Edition All DLC weapons + Clothing


The Godfather The Don's Edition All DLC weapons + Clothing

All the DLC weapons and clothing you got with the The Godfather The Don’s Edition on the PS3. Back then you had to download the content from the PS Store but EA Games took the content down. If you downloaded the content back then you can still access it.

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Game: The Godfather – The Don’s Edition (PS3)
Pretty old game but loved to play it again, the Don’s Edition has some nice extra’s to the original one.

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  1. Fun fact: In the PS2 version, if you crouch with the Assassin's Pistol and hold the fire button, the pistol will fire like a fully automatic pistol, compared to shooting it while standing as it behaves like you're shooting a regular automatic pistol. Not sure with the new pistol in this edition.

  2. I downloaded every dlc thanks god😁
    I have recently hacked my PS3 to run HEN, and installed The Godfather’s DLC.

    The Don Collection:

    Level 4 Weapons:

    Black Widow (Level Four .38 Snub Nose)

    Herzstopper (Level Four Pistol)

    Annihilator (Level Four Magnum)

    Spectre Minigun (Level Four Tommy Gun)

    Lupara Semi-Automatic (Level Four Long Barrel Shotgun)

    In-Game Money:

    $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000

    MobFace apparel bundle:

    Dress Shirts: Undershirt

    Leisure Coats:

    Leather Coat



    Zoot w/tie

    Zoot w/tie & vest


    Long w/tie

    Long w/tie & vest

    Double-Breasted Coats:







    Spectator Shoes


    Fedora Classic


    Curled Brim

    Zoot Hat




    Hired Assassin:

    Most powerful crew member, carries a Spectre Minigun

    Three Favour Missions:

    Willie Cicci:

    After taking over Italia Hauling Co. in Little Italy, Willie Cicci will be waiting at Gabriel’s Tailoring, he will instruct you to go to Italia Hauling Co. and keep an eye out for Stracci mobsters wanting to take the warehouse back, the Straccis will arrive engaging a shootout.

    Oily Hands Halon:

    After extorting Santo’s Bar in New Jersey, Oily Hands Halon will be waiting nearby The George Hotel, he will stress to you that the Cuneos want him to pay them instead of the Corleones, and that they would begin to damage property within the shop, Oily asks you to go to Santo’s Bar and take out the Cuneos.


    After obtaining 91.5% completion, Rosa will be waiting in her flower shop, she tells Aldo that professional golfers had arrived in New York and hired some of her ‘girls’ as entertainment, Rosa asks Aldo to sneak into their hotel and steal the money, but upon discovering that the golfers are beating the women, you will engage in a fight.


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