The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone's Trial

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The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone's Trial

The Godfather 2 – Mission #19 – Michael Corleone’s Trial, recorded in full HD.
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On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed, and you must take the reigns and lead your battered organisation. When Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, the Corleone Family calls upon you to reestablish its operation in New York and expand into a new territory – Miami.

● Platform: Windows/PC (Also available for Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360)
● Recorded using FRAPS 3.5.9
● Rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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