Starcraft 1 Free Download (PC) + Brood War

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Starcraft 1 Free Download (PC) + Brood War

This video shows you how to download and install Starcraft 1 (1998 game) as well as the Starcraft: Brood War expansion for free on PC.


Starcraft + Brood War (PC)

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.
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35 thoughts on “Starcraft 1 Free Download (PC) + Brood War

  1. Aura

    This is starcraft remastered version? In and available only starcraft remastered version!multiplayer is still alive or died on this mode? Oldgames is good site,..i am later installed war 3.

  2. felipe haecker

    i downloaded the game but when i started it, its crash, i can see the cinematic, but when the games goes to the main menu, the screen turns black and the game doesnt work,does anyone know any solution?. I would really apreciated any help
    sorry for my bad english

  3. alexander kolnogorov

    When i click "Start install" button, nothing happens and game doesn't install at all.

  4. Otep Tria

    you dont have to go on the 1st site lots of ads and apps that they'll forcing you to download instead go directly to and download it for free

  5. Lawrence Fishborn

    I downloaded it of for free and it say it's the remastered version. I guess it's also free now

  6. Kamil Kurniawan
    this a link starcraft 1…
    ekstrak all file .rar to 1 folder 😀
    no install online bruh..
    Have Fun

  7. iPlanetopia

    I was able to download it but the set up is so slow.It is always stucked in this "Blizzard Updating" thingy .

  8. Brog Lang

    Ahh man, I cant thank you enough!! Yhank you so much my friend. Works perfect. Ive never had the expansion pak. Whats it like when you run that? And do you know if you can play any other games for free with the blizzard and battle accounts you make?

  9. JJ

    I was going through your website, and i saw zoo tycoon (2001), i was wondering if you could make a video tutorial on how to download it? Thank you!

  10. Draconyr

    is that also virus free I really have no desire for viruses ? i really love old games and i will play the nice games


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