Spirit Guardian Udyr (2020) Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

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Spirit Guardian Udyr (2020) Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Spirit Guardian Udyr Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Udyr on their Spirit Guardian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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00:00 Splash
00:08 Turnaround
00:28 Emotes No Form
00:43 Recall No Form
00:55 Emotes Tiger Form
01:15 Recall Tiger Form
01:27 Emotes Turtle Form
01:48 Recall Turtle Form
02:00 Emotes Bear Form
02:20 Recall Bear Form
02:33 Emotes Phoenix Form
02:53 Recall Phoenix Form
03:06 Basics
03:10 Q Ability Not Maxed
03:28 W Ability Not Maxed
03:44 E Ability Not Maxed
04:00 R Ability Not Maxed
04:20 Q Ability Maxed
04:39 W Ability Maxed
04:53 E Ability Maxed
05:09 R Ability Maxed
05:33 Crit Animation
05:47 RIP No Form
05:51 RIP Tiger
06:02 RIP Turtle
06:12 RIP Bear
06:22 RIP Phoenix

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50 thoughts on “Spirit Guardian Udyr (2020) Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. yrnMitko

    it seems that they put the most effort in the death animations, which is fine bit like there are way more thing to do
    at least ill die with pride now xD

  2. PokerSeries WSOP

    Hate to brag but

    I just bought $5 of RP and it went like this

    Bought an Akani Orb and 2 Master chests
    Got lunar Diana from Akani and got Winter Wonder Lulu/infernal mordekaiser from chests, ended up just using my last hexchest
    In hexchest I got a gemstone and Order of the Banana Soraka
    In Gemstone I got another chest+key and Dragon Trainer Tristana
    In Gemstone I got Spirit Blossom Lillia

    I reskinned Lillia (I have one) and 2 useless ones and got Spirit Guard Udyr

    Best day so far

  3. buko

    I'd be willing to buy this skin as an udyr main but there's a risk udyr just gets a visual and animation update and this skin is just completely worthless

  4. Turtle Chan

    The Dragon Oracle skin has way more edge than this so called "Ultimate" skin….in my opinion it's very mediocre..

  5. bideo gaems

    Y'all want them to update Udyr's model when the entire point is that Riot charges $30 to make him look tolerable.

  6. Morgana, the Fallen

    Yes, it looks ugly now. But look at Voli, Kayle, Fiddle, Morgana. They got such a good glow up and this skin has such potential. Just wait till they rework Udyr, he is going to look amazing. Obviously, if you want him to get fully reworked, it takes time and there are so many other really old champions who have hideous skins. Just be patient. Currently, they are doing Mundo, Trundle and Skarner.

  7. Joel Roberts

    I think Udyr should have Avatar the last airbender type of vibes. VGU him to be this sort of juxtaposed character embodied with great animalistic power, rather than this quick, dud, stun-bot.

  8. Kevin Kert Ballesteros

    Hey RITO, I want a legendary or ultimate skin for Katarina. Please make it happen.

  9. Fimbulvetr

    At this point, Spirit Guard Udur really should just be normal Udyr lol. Champions that come out these days have the same or better visual quality.


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