Cute Monkey Get's Revenge ~ Tamarin

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Cute Monkey Get's Revenge ~ Tamarin

Welcome to the world through the eyes of a cute little monkey who’s family has been uprooted by some hostile insect army and it’s our job to find and rescue them. We start the journey and things get much crazier then I expected…

Explore, leap and shoot to save your family from the insect invasion! Leap with the agility of a tamarin as you journey into the Northern wilderness, in a world full of exploration, 3D-platforming and bug-splattering action

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13 thoughts on “Cute Monkey Get's Revenge ~ Tamarin

  1. FroggyTWrite

    i don't get why they force people to play with a controller, seems kinda strange and will only limit sales on pc

  2. Vegas Sims

    "Did you watch the same trailer I did?!?!?!" ROFL BTW, if you plan to get the monkey attacking anti-fa game, you should know that this is only a gamepad non-keyboard game. You have to use controllers and nothing else.

  3. Collector

    That aim mechanic around @19:50 or so made me think of something like a Galaga mini game with aiming.

  4. xbloodblade

    give a squieerl a gun and it runs around shooting birds just like the ants…. must be the GUNS lol


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