AM I HUMAN? | SOMA – Part 1


AM I HUMAN? | SOMA – Part 1

SOMA begins! The next horror game from Frictional Games, the studio that brought you Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is turning out to be a mind-bender!
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  1. I feel like Mark should also try out Narcosis. I'm not saying it's similar to SOMA, but it's also an underwater based game and also has an amazing story. I just love seeing Mark play a game in an environment he despises. 😀

  2. 21:33 mark- it definitely one of the things frictional game and especially the reasonably Amnesia the Dark Descent was setting up a setting like (see some thing run a way} ooooooOOOOOOw me- lol horror games in a nutshall good way to put it mark lol

  3. About 2 years ago I watched a short film on YouTube. This aforementioned short film had the robot from the thumbnail in it torturing somone as it talks about love or something. I just remembered this and wanted to find it. I haven't played soma before but can someone tell me if the robot in the thumbnail is from the game? If not has anyone else seen the short film I'm talking about and know what its called?

  4. The game SOMA is a worthless Turd…….and if you say so on STEAM, if you try to warn people not to buy it, shills for the game will attack you on the discussion forum.,,,,,,, When you fight back the dishonest cunt forum mods will ban you. All that matters to STEAM is MONEY.

    Steam is a sewer selling TRASH and they all richly deserve to be literally LYNCHED. Go to Steam NOW and DOWNVOTE this crap, and give it an Honest review.

  5. ChristopherOdd does a much better lets play for this game. Its a horror game heavy on atmosphere, which Mark ruins with the constant voices and idiotic commentary. I would be able to forgive it if it was funny or insightful, unfortunately it is neither.


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