Abba – The Day Before You Came (Official Video)


Abba – The Day Before You Came (Official Video)

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(Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson)
© 1974 Polar Music International AB
Published by: Universal/Union Songs AB
Video produced by: Lasse Hallström

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  1. Björn Ulvaeus is hands-down one of the best English lyricists in the world – and English isn't even one of his mother tongues! The brilliance of this one isn't just in the clever lyrics in themselves, but it's in how he even perceives and discovers this obvious truth that everyone knows very well but never takes the time to stop and think about – there's a lot of humanity in Björn Ulvaeus, and that's a cause for optimism and inspiration for us all. 👍

  2. Such a perfect song.. so sad and unique with that outstanding melody with their sweet and deep voices behind.. Wow Wow I am so thrilled to write you how much I was in love with them.. That song is one of a kind and defintely has presented the symbol of Abba style like a flawless diamod..such a strong and powerful group, for all those lovely and terrific years with them. "The day before you came" is an endless song !!! 🙏🙏

  3. This song is constantly fascinating – many commentators think that it is the story of a murder victim; but it is so ambiguous that you can either feel it as something with a happy or sad ending.

  4. Hello all ABBA fans.
    Thanks for the appreciations about my comment but I feel I lied, because I love as well another song of ABBA, One of Us …
    Sometimes I can't decide which is the best, so I put them on the #1st place, both.
    Sorry if I hurt someone but this are my feelings.

  5. Paul Kearns - Thin Ice Music · Edit

    I have always thought this try the their finest recording. Being, as they say, "in the business", the sheet quality is simply amazing – even by today's standards. Musicals, it is simple – but with "hidden" tension chords and resolutions built in so subtly you don't really hear them – but the results are stunning. The story line should make you happy – but it seems more like the loss of a love. Perhaps it's written from personal experiences as the two couples in the group were splitting. The effect is haunting and heartbreaking beautiful.
    They are true geniuses – but, I have felt that we were like voters in their personal sadness – and this song, even more than Winner Takes it all, gives us the feel of the personal emptiness that no amount of material gain can fill.
    This is what ABBA seems just as popular as I approach 70 as they were when I was in my 20s.
    Geniuses in every way. I wish I had 1% of their talent. ❤️


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